SyncForce SurveyWorld can be used for various purposes. Use SyncForce SurveyWorld to evaluate courses, seminars, conferences or meetings. Use it to perform research on publications, your services or on the effectiveness of your website. Set up an employee satisfaction survey or investigate your customer satisfaction situation.

SyncForce SurveyWorld will get the answers to all your questions!

Course evaluation
The best way to fit your courses and trainings to your customers’ needs is by knowing their desires and needs. Answers to questions like ‘What are the success factors of our training?’, ‘Does our training meet the needs and learning objectives of our customers?’ and ‘How is the transferred knowledge used in actual practice?’ give answers that can be used when putting together a training.

Opinion poll
What do your readers think of your publications? What’s their opinion on the lay-out? Do they read the whole magazine? SyncForce SurveyWorld helps you get the answers. It’s possible to integrate the survey in your website. This way you can even get the opinions of non-paying readers. The results are presented in graphs and are ready for publication.

Readers' panel
Invite your readers to give their opinion on topical matters. Their answers and results are shown in graphs, which can be used for publication directly. Using a reader's panel will show readers the actuality of your content to improve your involvement in the readers.

Research among your members
What can you do as (a representative of a) sector association to serve the needs and wishes of your members as good as possible? Is there an easy way to inform your members about things that are going on in their business disciplines? What can you do to facilitate further professionalization of one's profession? What can be done to increase transfer of knowledge between members? You can make information available that gives the answers to all these questions. A survey will give you the information you need.

Seminar or conference evaluation
Do you wish to evaluate an event, conference, seminar or meeting you organized? On such occasions you can hand out paper questionnaires and collect them afterwards. However, you can also send out an e-mail with a link to your survey. There is no need for the participants to give quick answers, they can answer in their own time. The answers of your target group will be thought over and more varied. Experience tells us that this will improve the quality of those answers.

Customer satisfaction survey
Are my customers satisfied with my products and services? What's their view on my company? Do my customers want to keep buying my products? Measure your customer satisfaction and you will know!

Market research
Do you wish to assess current themes or issues within your market area? Perform market research before making investments? Do you want to know what the important issues are for your customers or members? SyncForce SurveyWorld gives you the results, which can be used for presentation or publication purposes immediately!

Employee satisfaction survey
Are my employees satisfied with their situation at work? The organization? What are their findings about the corporate culture and structure? An employee satisfaction survey can structurally be used to bring forth the desires and needs of your personnel. The results are directly available and give leads for possible improvement actions. Set up an employee satisfaction survey in SyncForce SurveyWorld, which you can reuse periodically.

Website evaluation
What background information do I need from my web visitors (e.g. demographic, internet use)? What kind of information are my visitors looking for and can they find it? How is my website rated by my visitors? Get the answers by evaluating your website using SyncForce SurveyWorld. The results will give you great insight in your visitors and their wishes.