SyncForce SurveyWorld offers you extensive possibilities to set up and deploy your own online research and evaluations.
Make use of the following features:

No need to download or install anything, just start right away!
Lay-out in corporate identity
Use your corporate identity consistently throughout your surveys
Deploy your surveys in the participants’ preferred language
Over fifteen question types
Use open or closed questions, numeric or multiple questions
Multi-page survey
Split up a survey into multiple pages, no limitations
Answer based skip logic
Create skip-logic (routing), so your participants will only see the questions which will apply to them
Profile based skip logic
Use custom fields to add characteristics to your participants and dynamically build your survey
Import participants
Import your participants from CRM applications or Office programs
Re-use questions, participants and surveys
Copy a complete survey or re-use questions from previous surveys
Deploy through your website or personalized e-mail
Deploy your survey though one or more channels, or even in combination
Automatic reminder
Remind your participants to participate in your survey
On-going surveys
Set up continuous surveys and automatically add participants
Real-time results in graph style
All answers to your surveys are processed automatically and real-time
Automatically give your participants an insight in the total results
Determine relations between your participants’ answers
Word reports
Create a Word report using extensive options
Create filters using participant characteristics or groups
Export the results
You can export your surveys results to Excel (for usage in SPSS) or create a report in Word format
User management
Create additional user accounts for you colleagues using the same corporate account, including right management