Getting started
What do I need to get started using SyncForce SurveyWorld?
The only thing you need is an Internet connection and a browser. If you register (for free) you can get started right away. You'll have your first survey up and running in 15 minutes!
You talk about user-friendliness, but how easy to use is SyncForce SurveyWorld?
Very easy, you don't even need a training. Technical knowledge is not necessary to use of SyncForce SurveyWorld. The use of the tool is explained (mostly in steps). Surveys are deployed automatically and the results are viewable directly after the start of the survey.
For what purpose can I use SyncForce SurveyWorld?
SyncForce SurveyWorld is usable for almost everything when it comes to getting answers. In short, if you have any questions, SyncForce SurveyWorld can be used to get your answers. For example:
- Course evaluation
- Opinion poll
- Readers' panel
- Product evaluation
- Research among your members
- Conference evaluation
- Seminar evaluation
- Customer satisfaction survey
- Market research
- Employee satisfaction survey
- Website evaluation

Need to know more? See 'Usability' on this site.
Am I the only one who can set up a survey or can my colleagues also get rights to do so?
An account will be made for you when you register. As an administrator you are able to create new accounts for your colleagues to make them users. These users get the rights you assign to them.
How many questions can I add to my survey?
As many as you like! There are no limitations.
What does my survey look like when I finish it?
When creating a survey, you're working directly in your survey. As soon as you start making questions you can continuously view your survey. Also, you can send a survey preview with the option ‘Send preview e-mail’, to your own e-mail address.
Once I finish creating my survey, is it still possible to carry through alterations?
Up to the start of your survey it's possible to carry through changes. Afterwards, you can contact our support department
What's the participant limit?
No limits, as many as you like. From one participant up to hundreds of thousands. You can easily import these participants.
What do my participants have to do to return their surveys?
Your participants will receive a personal e-mail invitation to participate in your survey, or the survey is placed on a website or intranet. Using a hyperlink the survey is opened. After filling in the survey, the answers are processed automatically and presented in charts.
When are the results of my survey viewable?
As soon as your survey is deployed and the first participant has filled it out. From that moment on you can keep close track of your survey, 24 hours a day.
How long are my results saved?
Survey data will be available for you as long as you keep using SyncForce SurveyWorld. If your account is not used over an extended period of time (this period is currently set on one year of inactivity), your account will be removed. An export of all raw data is available.
What's done to protect my privacy and the privacy of my participants?
SyncForce is strongly committed to your right to privacy and to taking steps designed to secure your personal information. All information supplied by registrants will never be sold, given, or by any means abused by SyncForce or her partners. For more information please take a look at our privacy statement.
Do you use my survey data?
SyncForce will never use the provided data, questions and/or participants for (internal or external) publications, or for its own use. You are the sole owner of all survey results.
What's the deal with the prices, is there a catch?
No catch, no costs are charged for registration or for setting up your surveys. You only pay per participant or choose one of our subscriptions. Up to three free test surveys are included to test all options of this powerful survey solution!